The original Z1 cpap machine

The Original Z1® CPAP

The original Z1® cpap machine is the world’s lightest, most integrated fixed-pressure cpap machine. The original Z1 is the ultimate fixed pressure cpap for travelers and people with an active lifestyle.

Z1 Base System

$479.00 Select options

Z1 Unplugged™ – CPAP

$928.00 Select options

The new Z1 Auto cpap machine

The Z1 Auto®

The Z1 Auto® is the world’s lightest, most integrated auto-cpap. The Z1 Auto delivers a variable pressure during therapy and requires a prescription for apap.

Z1 Auto Base

$549.00 Select options

Z1 Unplugged™ – Auto

$998.00 Select options

The PowerShell® with Extended Life Battery

The PowerShell® turns your Z1 into a cordless cpap machine capable of delivering a full night’s sleep with its 99 Wh battery modules.

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PowerShell Extended Life Battery

The Z1® 99 Wh Extended Life Battery delivers a full night of therapy and are modular. Need more nights of therapy? Buy more modules.

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