Do you avoid taking your CPAP on trips because it takes up too much room in your suitcase?

The Z2 CPAP line was designed to keep your sleep apnea therapy compact and light. At only 6.48″ x 3.30″ x 2.02″ and 10.4 oz, it was built for travelers and people on the go.

Add on the PowerShell and Extended Life Battery and get a fully integrated battery solution. So you can take your CPAP therapy any where you want to go- even “off the grid.”


Fixed pressure CPAP therapy in a travel friendly package.


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Z2 Auto™

Auto adjusting CPAP for people on the go.


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The PowerShell® with Extended Life Battery

The PowerShell® turns your Z2 or Z1 into a cordless cpap machine capable of delivering a full night’s sleep with its 99 Wh battery modules.


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Extended Life Battery

The 99 Wh Extended Life Battery delivers a full night of therapy and are modular. Need more nights of therapy? Buy more modules. Compatible with Z2 and Z1 CPAPs.


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