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All of your Z1 Auto® data synced wirelessly to your iOS or Android device.


The cpap traveler's new best friend.

The Z1 Auto is FAA approved for in-flight use:-)


American Innovation

We take pride that the Z1 line is designed in Massachusetts and assembled in California & Virginia.


I travel >100,000 miles a year and I keep my Z1 in my suitcase so I never forget it. I tell my domestic and international sleep apnea patients that not only do I recommend the Z1 for treatment of their OSA, I use it myself and wouldn’t go anywhere without it!

Todd J. Swick, M.D.

I am using your Z1 CPAP machine for travels, and really enjoy the product. I think it is outstanding!

Sari R.

I've avoided taking a CPAP on my travels because I have enough to lug with a rollaboard and a briefcase. I bought this little jewel when it was first available and I am thrilled with it. It works great, adjusts to my breathing, and provides me with a great night's sleep on the road. I am no longer exhausted because of poor sleep and I can pack it in my rollaboard easily. Thank you, Human Design. Brilliant.

Rob A., Tx

The Z1 is the world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated cpap system.


Z1 cpap is engineered

With over 4 years of development, the Z1® platform has been tweaked and honed to remove every ounce of waste. Through relentless effort, the Z1® delivers cpap or apap in the most tightly engineered package ever.


The z1 cpap is integrated with the powershell

There are plenty of battery ‘solutions’ for cpap users out there. From bulky OEM solutions to homebrew hacks. With the PowerShell® we have delivered a first: Absolute power integration.

Battery powered.

The Z1’s platform’s PowerShell® accessory utilizes inter- changeable 45 Wh battery modules to offer cordless therapy. Need more nights of cord-free power? Buy extra battery modules.

HDM is reinterpreting what a medical device company should be: Smaller devices, faster results, improved usability, increased accuracy, easier to use, the creation of higher quality device data that lets users know how they are doing from anywhere and on any platform, and a relentless pursuit of human focused design.

Lifestyle medical devices.® Designed for humans.®