August 2, 2018- FIRMWARE UPDATE NEEDED FOR SOME DEVICES – Fault Code 66 – Z1 Auto Firmware v2.1.0.5

This firmware change is for Z1 Auto CPAPs (black devices) with lot codes between A182602-A182901* which were manufactured between June 28, 2018 and July 25, 2018. You can find the date of manufacture and the lot codes on the back of the device.

This firmware version corrects an issue in Firmware v2.1.0.6 which causes an Error 66 message when connecting to Nitelog via Bluetooth and shuts off the device. This is easily corrected by power cycling the device by unplugging and replugging the power cord to the device. It does not harm the device. But if you want to use Nitelog, you must install Firmware v2.1.0.5.

*Affected lots A182602, A182603, A182604, A182605, A182701, A182801, A182802, A182803, A182804, A182901.

Firmware v2.1.0.5 and installation instructions are available for download under the Software & Firmware Downloads tab below.

July 30, 2018 – A new version of DataViewer version 2.1.6 is now released. It addresses several of the bugs that were found in the functioning of the program. Here are the areas we fixed: synchronization, leak count, treatment time, clear functions, settings, AHI and pressure and the ability to create and share a pdf of a report.

 Go to the Software & Firmware Downloads tab to download the Dataviewer software and instructions.

NOTE: These manuals and instructions are for the original Z1™ cpap (white)

Z1™ User Manual3.5 MBDownload
Z1™ Getting Started Guide1.4 MBDownload
FAA Z1 Compliance Letter50.1 KBDownload
PowerShell™ Getting Started Guide1.7 MBDownload
DataViewer Instructions800.5 KBDownload
Z1 CPAP HCPCS Codes116 KBDownload
HME Insert119.9 KBDownload

Manuals and instructions for the Z1™ Auto (black)

Z1 Auto User Manual3.9 MBDownload
Nitelog App Manual- iOS devices2.9 MBDownload
Nitelog App Manual- Android devices5.1 MBDownload
Understanding Nitelog Data676.4 KBDownload
Changing Time Zones on Nitelog323.1 KBDownload
Z1 Auto HCPCS Codes83.8 KBDownload
Firmware Installation Instructions- Error 66 Fix2.1 MBDownload

Software & Firmware

Firmware Auto with Error 66 when connecting to Nitelog2.1 MBDownloadDownload
Data Viewer 2.1.6
PC-only Desktop software for the Z1 CPAP and the Z1 Auto
Z1 CPAP, Z1 Auto™7.7 MBDownloadDownload
Nitelog™ mobile app for iOSZ1 Auto3.5MDownload from iTunes App StoreDownload
Nitelog™ mobile app for AndroidZ1 Auto25MDownload from Google Play StoreDownload