What sets the HDM Z1 cpap platform apart.


The z1 is engineeredWith over 4 years of development, the Z1™ cpap machine has been tweaked and honed to remove every ounce of waste. Through relentless effort, the Z1™ delivers cpap in the most tightly engineered package ever.


Total Integration There are plenty of battery ‘solutions’ for cpap users out there. From bulky OEM solutions to homebrew hacks. With the PowerShell™ we have delivered a first: Absolute power integration.


Modular batteries The Z1’s PowerShell™ platform utilizes inter- changeable 45 Wh battery modules. Need more nights of cord-free power? Buy extra cpap battery modules.

About HDM

HDM focuses on delivering lifestyle medical devices that fit the way actual users live their lives. We think that if we can deliver devices that are more lifestyle-friendly we can encourage usage and increase everyday compliance. HDM | Lifestyle medical devices.™ Designed for humans.™

The Z1™ is a cpap machine and is regulated by the U.S FDA. The Z1™- and other cpap machines- can only be sold to people diagnosed with sleep apnea that hold a valid prescription from a physician.